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Congratulations to the Property Council's Queensland Division for leading the charge on this issue and working with the Government and our alliance partners to achieve an excellent result on "this most difficult and emotive issue", to quote the Minister. Our Lobbying Update dated 24 October "Retail Lease Legislation Frenzy" alerted you to the media statement by former Premier of SA. Any incredible best cheap conveyancing services Sydney expert possessed with a steady stream of work.

Intense public and private lobbying by senior Property Council members at a state and national level was backed up by formal meetings with the now replaced Premier, Attorney General, and influential backbenchers. Proposals we also encouraged the Government to allow time for a structured discussion by industry participants to achieve a fair and workable outcome on the issue of rights of landlords and tenants at the end of a lease term.

The Government also intends to introduce other amendments to the legislation - the majority of which are supported by the Property Council and arise out of the Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry. The additional time will also enable us to fine tune those amendments. A reminder of our other recent win - the Western Australian Government has also agreed to defer its controversial lease legislation proposals on management fees. Negotiations are continuing.

"However, thanks to a huge effort by a number of major shopping centre owners, managers and lawyers, we are well prepared, as are Lend Lease, Westfield and AMP who are also appearing." A major recent development is that the two most influential economic agencies of the Federal Government, the Departments of Treasury and Industry, have urged the Committee of MPs not to pursue draconian legislative solutions to the problems faced by small businesses.Melbourne and Newcastle to get a better understanding of the professionalism of modern shopping centre management and the legislative protections that are already available to retail shop tenants."There is no doubt that the majority of committee members have strong views about the need to protect small business by legislative means."Our fear is that they will recommend sweeping changes to the Trade Practices Act (TPA) to try and prohibit business practices that are, in their view, "unfair".